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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's that sound?

...a day of walking

Denise woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of steady rain. Wet...

It was better when morning really rolled around. The drops had stopped falling, but the sky was still very gray and the pavement was covered with water. Denise thought we'd start the day with a drive and a walk.

We headed for the other side of the island. We drove over a big hill, skirted the top of Somes Sound, and then headed south.

Seawall was our first stop, for a walk along the ocean. Rocks lined the road, rocks with a slippery looking surface, rocks bearing people, and a few sea gulls. Denise was careful about where her feet landed. She wanted to remain on her feet and not slip on a seaweed-covered rock. I have to say that it's easier to stay upright when you have four paws for dancing across the ground! Looking away from the ocean, we found some ducks paddling across a pond. And they were happy to pose for Denise's camera.

Next, we hiked the Ship Harbor trail. It was beautiful trail that looped along the water and through the woods. There was something different to look at around every corner, every loop of the trail.

A little further down the road and we were at our southern-most point of the day, Bass Harbor Light. We saw a flash of red through the trees, a circling light. We walked down the path, and listened... there were bells ringing, bells on top of buoys, floating, moving in the waves.

Ah, it was time to reverse direction. Back on the eastern side of the island, our next stop was Sand Beach. It's really surprising to find a beautiful crescent of sandy beach nestled between the rocks. And behind the sand is waving beach grass and more water, water reflecting the trees behind it. Beautiful. (Oh, I keep saying that, don't I? That's because it is beautiful here.)

We made more stops to walk and play with cameras, driving a little bit, stopping, walking, looking. Our last stop along Park Loop Road was Little Hunter's Beach, a beach made of rounded stones. Those rocks were a bit slippery underfoot, even for me.

And then... we headed up Cadillac Mountain one more time. The top was clear of clouds this time, a first for this trip. I find it funny that the other people in the B&B wanted to have a clear day so that they could see Bar Harbor from the top. Denise wanted clouds and sun so that she could watch the interplay of the light as it highlighted and bounced off of the landscape and the clouds.

The day started wet but ended dry, changing from gray to a sky with visible patches of blue. It was a good day for wandering by foot.

Tomorrow? It will be a day for riding, and for the long drive home too.