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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camera happy galleries

I was busy playing with words while Denise was busy playing with her cameras. And she was really busy...

There are photos in this journal, but there are more in Denise's photo galleries. And you can view them in the photo galleries splashed across your whole screen if you'd like - just click the slideshow button in the upper right of the photo gallery window.
(Oh, if you're in the gallery slideshow, you can get control of your computer back again by moving the mouse and clicking "return to gallery" or by just clicking the Esc key.)
You can enter the galleries at Acadia captured to see five photo galleries for this trip. Or you can jump right into a specific gallery:

And yes, this is still Rover writing! I wonder if Denise will let me jump in and help write her blog entries. I don't think I can wait for our next trip to write again. But oh! That next trip shouldn't be too far away.